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Project Submissions

Policy & Guidelines. 

Script and Project Concept Submission Policy


We appreciate your interest in submitting your script or audio-visual project concept to TwentyOne14 Media and its affiliates (collectively “We” or “TwentyOne14 Media”). TwentyOne14 Media, however, has a firm policy against accepting unsolicited scripts or literary, dramatic or other audio-visual project concepts for consideration. You should also be aware that TwentyOne14 Media is actively developing and producing its own digital, television, motion picture and other audio-visual projects, some of which may be similar to the scripts and project concepts you desire to submit.

As a matter of policy and rights security, TwentyOne14 Media only accepts submissions of scripts and literary, dramatic, or other audio-visual project concepts from franchised literary agencies and content producers with whom TwentyOne14 Media has specifically solicited and regularly conducts business. Accordingly, we must reject all script and audio-visual project concept submissions that are unsolicited and/or are not received from the entities referenced above. Furthermore, we request that you do not send any correspondence relating to your script(s) or audio-visual project concept(s) or any other screenplay(s) and/or literary material(s) to anyone who works for TwentyOne14 Media unless such material has been specifically solicited, in writing, by that individual.

Notwithstanding the above, we encourage you to seek out representation from a franchised literary agency or content producer that has an existing relationship with TwentyOne14 Media, if you have interest in submitting scripts or audio-visual project concepts for our consideration. Our goal is to establish meaningful relationships with content creators and producers to further TwentyOne14 Media’s mission of delivering quality and authentic urban culture themed programming to our customers.

Completed Project Submission Guidelines

For the purposes of this section, a Completed Project is defined as any movie, documentary, series, short or other audio-visual project that has completed filming, has completed post-production, and is deemed final and is ready for public exhibition. A Completed Project Submission is defined as the submission of a Completed Project.

The following information is required to be submitted with all Completed Project Submissions in order to be qualified for review and consideration by TwentyOne14 Media:

  • Project Title

  • Project Type (e.g. feature film, documentary, live performance, etc.)

  • Project Genre (e.g. drama, comedy, horror, etc.)

  • Project Synopsis

  • Producer(s)

  • Director

  • Filmmaker Bio

  • Cast

  • Run-Time

  • Year of Completion

  • Production Budget

  • Available Rights (e.g. All rights, SVOD, EST, theatrical, etc.)

  • Territory Availability (e.g. U.S., worldwide, etc.)

  • Link to screening file of the Completed Project (.mov)

  • List of all film festivals and/or prior screenings and licensees

  • Legal rights holder information

Please Note: Completed Project Submissions that do not include all of the required elements, as listed above, WILL NOT BE REVIEWED for licensing consideration.

We encourage you to send secured or password protected links when including screening files of your Completed Project.

Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for evaluation and response to your Completed Project Submission.

Please email all Completed Project Submissions to:

When emailing your Completed Project Submission, please include the following in the heading of the email: COMPLETED PROJECT SUBMISSION // [Title of Completed Project].

TwentyOne14 Media routinely receives project submissions and proposals for potential projects from numerous sources, and our Acquisitions representative is responsible for managing incoming submissions, as well as soliciting and procuring additional submissions and projects for licensing or development consideration. Often, the projects submitted and those from our other business and filmmaking associates, resemble one another or may have overlapping themes. Therefore, to avoid any misunderstanding about the origin or rights of any property, TwentyOne14 Media must have a clear understanding with all submitting parties that its evaluation of any accepted submission does not constitute a breach of any confidential or fiduciary relationship on behalf of TwentyOne14 Media and that any acceptance of a submission by TwentyOne14 Media does not create an obligation or fiduciary duty with respect to the consideration, review or exploration of any submitted project or accepted submission.

Accordingly, by submitting your Completed Project to TwentyOne14 Media you are deemed to have acknowledged and agreed to the following express conditions (“Agreement”):

  1. In consideration of TwentyOne14 Media reviewing your Completed Project and any accompanying materials, you hereby release TwentyOne14 Media, together with its officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any and all liability in connection with the use or disclosure of your Completed Project or material included with your Completed Project Submission, or any portion thereof, except such liability as may result pursuant to the copyright laws of the United States, other than as set forth in paragraph 8 below.

  2. It is expressly understood and agreed that your Completed Project is submitted voluntarily, and that no agreement, obligation or relationship of trust or confidence between you and TwentyOne14 Media either express or implied, exists or is to be assumed by TwentyOne14 Media with respect to your Completed Project or any materials or information submitted with your Completed Project Submission. TwentyOne14 Media shall have no obligation to use or consider your Completed Project or to treat your Completed Project Submission as confidential.

  3. If, upon evaluation, TwentyOne14 Media determines that your Completed Project is of interest, TwentyOne14 Media, in its sole discretion, may enter into a subsequent written licensing agreement with you or the proper rights holder. TwentyOne14 Media, however, shall have no obligation to compensate you or the proper rights holder for, or with respect to, the Completed Project or any materials submitted together with your Completed Project Submission in the absence of an express written agreement specifying the nature of such compensation.

  4. It is expressly understood and agreed that in the event TwentyOne14 Media accepts your Completed Project for consideration, such acceptance shall in no way constitute an admission or acknowledgement by TwentyOne14 Media, that your Completed Project, or any constituent ideas or elements thereof, are novel, useful, non-obvious or original.

  5. You represent and warrant that all aspects of your Completed Project whether in written, graphic and/or visual form, and are being submitted with your Completed Project Submission. You expressly waive any rights in, or interest to, any non-written ideas, suggestions, or other elements of the Completed Project not included in written, graphic or visual form with your Completed Project Submission.

  6. You represent and warrant that you have the right and authority to submit the Completed Project and/or any materials included with the Completed Project Submission and have obtained the proper consent of any other interested party or rights holder.

  7. You represent and warrant that you have not developed the Completed Project with or obtained any aspect of the Completed Project from any employee, agent or representative of TwentyOne14 Media.

  8. If any part of the Completed Project or Completed Project Submission is the subject of any license, copyright, trademark or patent registrations or applications, you must include copies of such licenses, registrations or applications with your Completed Project Submission.

  9. This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted under the laws of the State of California applicable to contracts made and to be wholly performed in the State of California. All actions or proceedings relating to the interpretation and/or enforcement of this Agreement shall only be brought before a single JAMS arbitrator in the City of Los Angeles, County of Los Angeles with all parties hereby submitting themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of such tribunal for such purpose. The prevailing party in any such arbitration or other dispute shall be entitled to, in addition to any other damages assessed, its reasonable attorneys’ fees, and all other costs and expenses incurred in connection with settling or resolving such dispute.

Note, once your Completed Project has been submitted to TwentyOne14 Media as set forth above in any form, the Completed Project Submission constitutes your express acceptance of all of the terms and conditions contained herein.

Thank you for your understanding.

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