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TITLE: Where We're From: The Elements Documentary (2020)
GENRE: Music, Hip-Hop
FORMAT: Documentary
LENGTH: Approx. 01:30:0
WRITER(S): Al Bonds
PRODUCER(S): Damon Bonds, David Massey, DJ Breeze, Rod Munoz
DIRECTOR(S): DJ Bonds, DJ Breeze
CAST: Jeru The Damaja, Talib Kweli, Cut Chemist, Del The Funky Homosapien, Aceyalone, Chali 2NA, DJ Mark Luv, DJ Nu Mark, DJ Revolution, Maseo, and more
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Where We're From: the Elements Documentary is a 90-minute exploration of the emergence of the “underground” Hip Hop culture of the late 1990s-early 2000s in Los Angeles, recounted firsthand by some of its architects - the creators of Club Elements. In this space, the elements of Hip Hop – the DJ, B-Boy, Graffiti and MC – were sacred. While the mainstream media was obsessively focused on the glorification of gangster rap and its destructive messages, many Black and Brown youth found refuge from the turbulence of the time, able to connect with the art form that reflected their life experience and rock with their favorite artists. Every respected independent MC in the nation came through to Club Elements. This documentary chronicles that vibrant time of Hip Hop and shows a side of Los Angeles subculture that is responsible for an independent movement of Hip Hop within Los Angeles that spawned a slew of widely recognized artists.

TITLE: BIT. (2020)
GENRE: Comedy / Drama
FORMAT: Scripted Series
LENGTH: Approx. 30-mins per episode
NO. EPISODES: Ten (10)
PRODUCER(S): Gene Finley, Troy Cosey
WRITER & DIRECTOR: Morgan Matthews
AVAILABLE RIGHTS: All Rights, Co-Production, Subsequent Production
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Bit. is a 30-minute scripted comedy series that pierces deeply into the life of a Black entrepreneur and his two friends as they try to navigate the tumultuous and polarizing world of Silicon Valley. Each have chosen different paths that have not only put deep rifts in their relationships with each other, but have also put them at odds with the world around them. On journeys of self-discovery and a pursuit of success, they quickly come to understand that the cushy world of tech, free food, and big dreams is far from what they’d imagined.

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TITLE: Justine (2019)
GENRE: Drama
FORMAT: Feature Film
LENGTH: Approx. 1:46:00 run-time
PRODUCER(S): Karen Bethzabe, Angie Edgar, Louise Shore, Glynn Turman, Stephanie Turner
WRITER(S): Stephanie Turner
DIRECTOR: Stephanie Turner
CAST: Stephanie Turner, Darby Stanchfield, Glynn Turman, Josh Stamberg, Daisy Prescott, Ravi Cabot-Conyers, Bridget Kallal
AVAILABLE RIGHTS: DVD, EST, TVOD, Free Cable, Broadcast (Domestic), All Rights (International)
TERRITORY: all International territories except for UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Domestic subject to restrictions above.
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Lisa Wade is a single mom of two biracial kids (Maya and Drew), who is forced to take a job as a nanny for an 8-year old girl with Spina Bifida (Justine). Lisa has just moved in with her father-inlaw, Don, a black man in his 60s, after her Marine husband was recently killed. His death is being investigated, leaving Lisa feeling angry and in denial. She pulls away from her kids, leaving Don to care for them.

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TITLE: Almost Amazing (2017)
GENRE: Romantic Comedy
FORMAT: Feature Film
LENGTH: Approx. 1:58:02 run-time
PRODUCER(S): Justin Price, Khu, Matthew Simmons, Eddy Herrero
WRITER(S): Justin Price
DIRECTOR: Justin Price
CAST: AzMarie Livingston, Simone Shepherd, Torrei Hart, Jazsmin Lewis, Brian Hooks, Eric Roberts, Erica Mena, Eddy Herrero, Matthew Simmons
AVAILABLE RIGHTS: Free Cable, Pay Cable, Broadcast (Domestic), All Rights (International)
TERRITORY: all International territories, and limited Domestic (see above)
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When you no longer believe in love, what happens when you find something… amazing?

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TITLE: Den of Darkness (2016)
GENRE: Horror / Psychological thriller
FORMAT: Feature Film
LENGTH: Approx. 1:31:00 run-time
PRODUCER(S): Curtis Elerson, Khu, Sandra Lindo, Justin Price
WRITER(S): Sandra Lindo, Eric S. Mintz
DIRECTOR: Sandra Lindo
CAST: Monika Tilling, Eric Giancoli, Mackinlee Waddell, Ada Luz Pla, David Novak, Emily Gilliam, Mary Bonney, Danielle Lester, Lauren Maniz, Asa Hope
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After being involved in a terrible accident that leaves her blind, Hellen and her husband move to a new house with the hopes of healing and leaving the terrible memories behind. However, Hellen continues to be haunted by guilt over the death of a girl scout that was under her watch, until they realize that a little girl is living hidden in their new house, revealing unthinkable dark secrets.

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TITLE: Quarter Milestones - A History of Motorcycle Drag Racing (2018)
GENRE: Sports / Lifestyle
FORMAT: Feature Documentary
LENGTH: Approx. 53:29 run-time
PRODUCER(S): John Stein, Agusta Einarsdottir
DIRECTOR: Agusta Einarsdottir
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In October of 2011, John Stein published a book called “Motorcycle Drag Racing: A History”. The book has received rave reviews and has sold in 12 countries around the world. It has also been reviewed by the “New York Times”, “Jay Leno’s Garage”, and magazines from France to Finland.

Now "Motorcycle Drag Racing: A History" has been turned into an exhilarating documentary film, “Quarter Milestones - A History of Motorcycle Drag Racing”. "Quarter Milestones features heart pumping action shots of machines from the earliest days of the sport to the present, never-before-seen footage, and interviews with 17 of the sport’s icons as they talk candidly about their experiences. Among those interviewed are: Sonny Routt, Terry Vance, Larry “Spiderman” McBride, Ray Price, Ian King, Sandy Kosman and Eddie Krawiec.

The result? An informative, highly entertaining, and totally unforgettable thrill ride for anyone who loves motorsports. 

TITLE: Comedians & Cocktails - Season One (2018)
GENRE: Comedy / Talk
FORMAT: Unscripted Short Form Series
LENGTH: Approx. 15-mins per episode
NO. EPISODES: Eight (8)
PRODUCER(S): Quincy Newell, Daven Baptiste, Mykel Mitchell, Julian Gooden, Melanie Capacia Johnson, Leslie Small
AVAILABLE RIGHTS: All Rights, Subsequent Production
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“Comedians & Cocktails - Season One” is a short form series hosted by comedian and social media influencer King Keraun.  Keraun guides his guests through conversations about relationships, sex, men vs. women, family, kids, politics, growing up hood, road stories and much more… no topic is off limits. 

Season One guests are some of comedy’s funniest personalities including; Gary Owen, Simone Shepherd, Luenell, Affion Crockett, Teddy Ray, Robert Powell, Pretty Ricki, Finesse Mitchell, Juhahn Jones, Eastside Ivo, Ryan Davis, Slink Johnson, Scruncho, James McCowan and Aida Rodriguez. 

No one is safe from their wrath, not even King Keraun himself. Comedians & Cocktails, saving the world… a few drinks at a time. 

TITLE: Date. Love. Repeat. - Season One (2017)
GENRE: Romantic Comedy
FORMAT: Scripted Short Form Series
LENGTH: Approx. 12-mins per episode
PRODUCER(S): Lynne McDaniel, Quincy Newell, Keith Clinkscales
AVAILABLE RIGHTS: All Rights, Subsequent Production
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While using her relationship advice vlog to recover from a traumatic breakup, a successful millennial and her crew of friends explore the highs and lows of relationships in the Big Apple.  Quick-witted banter covered in love; it’s funny in a chic blanket. Each episode is introduced with an exchange between Alexus and one of her viewers which sets the theme for the episode. Dating is a journey, have fun!

Cast: Dominque Andriese, Latresa Baker, Ryan F. Johnson, Kajuana S. Marie, and Sawandi Wilson. Created by Lynne McDaniel.

TITLE: Truth to Power - Season One (2018)
GENRE: Social Commentary / Talk
FORMAT: Unscripted Short Form Series
LENGTH: Approx. 12-mins per episode
PRODUCER(S): Quincy Newell, Rachel Raimist, Melanie Capacia Johnson, Soraya Zada, Emilienne Grey
DIRECTOR: Rachel Raimist
AVAILABLE RIGHTS: All Rights, Subsequent Production
TRAILER: https://vimeo.com/373004979 (contact us for PW)

TRUTH TO POWER is a short form talk series hosted by social influencer and creator of the viral hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, April Reign. Each episode digs into pressing social, cultural and societal issues, viewed through the lens of influential women who, through their art and activism, are creating and influencing positive change.

Season One guests include: Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Lisa Raye McCoy, Shaun Robinson, Maya Penn, Cierra Glaude, Lena Waithe, Rosa Clemente, Elise Neal.