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Specialized Media & Entertainment
Business Advisory Services

The media and entertainment industries are in the midst of sweeping digital transformations as advances in technology and infrastructure continue to reshape how, where and when content and information are consumed. TWENTYONE14 helps its clients capitalize on this disruption based on our deep and extensive experience in content marketing, distribution & monetization targeted to the African American and urban culture enthusiast audiences.

We leverage deep industry experience and focused strategy to help our clients achieve practical results with real impact. We are uncompromising in our approach to helping our clients navigate the complex world of content distribution & monetization.


We offer a full range of consulting services in the areas of; Brand Strategy, Business Planning, Content Licensing, Distribution Strategy, Business Development, Integrated Marketing, Organizational Development, Strategic Planning and Deal Negotiation. TWENTYONE14 does not provide services such as debt financing services, legal services, or financial services. At your request, we will source and or recommend other professionals to advise with respect to such matters.

TwentyOne14 Media can serve as a complete off-site business management team for some clients, while for others we can serve as a strategy advisor to their existing in-house teams.

Our approach is collaborative and pragmatic. We work to develop tailored recommendations that consider your company’s unique value proposition in relation to the latest industry trends and opportunities.


We work alongside our clients to:


  • Help transform their businesses…

  • Identify new revenue opportunities…

  • Harness the power of data and analytics… 

  • Optimize their organization or product to succeed in a digital landscape…

  • Find new ways to increase efficiencies and increase margins…

Clients (current and past) include; Robert Alonzo’s Dynamic Action Design ( along with Alonzo’s start up production shingle Shadow Bandit Entertainment, Reign (, a wholly owned subsidiary of First World Media LLC, Forest Whitaker and Nina Yang Bongiovi’s production company Significant Productions, Chocolate Chip Media, Shout Factory!, Hidden Empire Film Group, The Cato Project, Inc., the estate of prolific figurative artist Ernie Barnes, the estate of Richard "Little Richard" Penniman, and Lionsgate.

TwentyOne14 Media also provides Representation Services. This specialized service is focused on providing representation services to individuals and companies, in the media & entertainment sector, in business transactions, rights licensing transactions, financing transactions and content distribution transactions. TwentyOne14 Media’s founder, Quincy Newell, has extensive experience in evaluating the merits of media deals — Newell has worked for more than 25-years on the distributor and studio side and has personally handled and completed more than 200 acquisition and licensing deals... Newell leverages his relationships and his active knowledge of the marketplace and business environment to assist TwentyOne14’s clients optimize their opportunities.

The foundation of our business is built on:

Market Expertise

Never before has our clients’ collective need been greater for a business partner that is at once versed in their industries and proficient in strategic insights.


That means knowing the technologies, the business models and the ecosystems of our client’s market — a fundamental requirement of doing business in our global economy.


We take a hands-on, collaborative approach to all our engagements and focus on developing solutions alongside our clients. It all leads to strategic client partnerships that are focused on long-term success.


We believe achieving your business objectives demands the most accurate representation of the market.


Our recommendations are based on analysis, in-depth research and a unique understanding of the market dynamics.


We help translate strategies into action that leads to desired results. Because a brilliant insight is only as good as its implementation.

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