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Curation, Creation, Culture.

We believe that multi-cultural representation is good business.

Our focus is to curate, produce and distribute content targeted to an engaged multi-cultural audience that is passionate about urban culture – because urban culture drives global culture.​


Our ambition is to be the company that the independent creative community gravitates to, and to create and maintain an environment where artists, filmmakers and producers are welcomed, supported and encouraged to be their most authentic selves.

Our mission is to create and deliver resonant content to targeted audiences by leveraging digital technology as the anchor exploitation mechanism, with TwentyOne14 Media serving as the connection point between creatives of color, consumer-friendly technology offerings and a focused, specialized audience.

Our team's collective 30+ years of experience marketing to the African American and multi-cultural consumer markets, 25-years in content aggregation and distribution, 10-years in content development and production, and 7-years in digital content distribution, gives TwentyOne14 Media a unique understanding of the fast evolving urban multi-cultural consumer market coupled with the ability to develop content that lives at the center of current cultural trends.


Strategic Partners

Organizations we collaborate and share with. Our relationships are win-wins for all parties and help us take our business to the next level.